Garage Conversions

Just like loft conversions around the world, another way for a carpenter or a joiner to significantly increase the property value is through a garage conversion. Within certain sections of the United Kingdom, often a garage is not necessary to store a car within your home because there is enough space within either the driveway, or the front of the home on the street itself. That is why some people decide that the better thing that you could do with your garage is to convert it into a useful living space. This can take shape and form in many ways. Often, a garage conversion is used to create a living space that allows for the owner of the home to both increase the property value of the home itself and use the room for a different function, such as a hobby room, gaming room, home office or even a bedroom.

A garage conversion (depending on which company you go with) is a common project that carpenters have undertaken. Since most garage conversions do not require the garage itself to be extended upwards or outwards, it is very easy for a carpenter to ensure structural integrity using wooden beams and other materials that ensure safety. Luckily, most carpenters can locally source green raw materials from within the local area, so you are not asked to ship bulk quantities of expensive raw materials and having to pay large shipping costs. That also means you are not forced to buy more exotic woods and timber based on the recommendations of certain companies that operate in the trade currently.

With a garage conversion, the structure already being built does make it easy for just a carpenter to work on the conversion rather than an entire building company, but with the same rule there are obviously restrictions. One of these restrictions are the amount of space you would have within the room itself. Since a carpenter does not have the resources or labour skills and time to be able to build and extension within the garage, and the carpenter themselves can only perform the conversion within the allotted space, the actual conversion itself will be limited to the space available. This should not be too much of an issue for most rooms, but it is rather dependant on what you would like done with the conversion. Most of rooms within a garage space will significantly raise the property value of your home naturally, so any luxurious rooms are not necessary.

The average garage has enough space for a double bedroom, or a single bedroom and a bathroom if the garage itself is big enough. These are also rooms that do not take much resources in both labour and materials, meaning that the average price per conversion would be a lot lower. The even more important thing to note is the return on investment you would receive from the conversion. Your property value – dependent on where you live – could increase all the way up to £40,000+! Considering you would spend a maximum of £7,500 for the conversion, that is over 500%.

I hope that you enjoyed todays blog post, and I hope you enjoy some of the posts that we have coming up in the future to help rise your property values too!

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