Loft Conversions

One of the biggest potential things that you can do and a carpenter to increase your property value for your residential home are loft conversions for homes that cannot use any more extensions or additions. Loft conversions are a great way for a carpenter to increase the property value of a home without having to significantly invest within your home, or in some cases without having to ask for planning permission to do so either. With other building projects, you would not only have to pay much more in terms of investment due to materials and labour costs, but you would also have to pay a lot more because of the knockdowns of walls if necessary. The overall difference and increase in investment costs will far outweigh those with a loft conversion or a garage conversion (which we will talk about later).

A loft conversion is only feasible if you have a roof that can handle a loft conversion. Luckily, most roofs in the United Kingdom can in fact handle a loft conversion. If you have a flatter roof, then you could add a mansard conversion which could give you three separate extra rooms within your home. This is of course only necessary if you have more than two floors on your home as it is. If you only have one or two floors, then you may consider getting an extension depending on the area that you live in as that may be a deciding factor on how much property value you can raise. In certain parts of London, you can get a home increase from a two to a three-storey home, that will cost 200,000 but increase your property value all the way up to an extra million. For most homes in the United Kingdom however, the loft conversion is always the much better option.

A very important piece of information that you should be aware of are the many different types of loft conversions that are available. For most of the time, the type of loft conversion that you need to get depends on the roof of your home. As I said before, if you have a flat roof then most times it is best to consider a mansard conversion before anything else. If you have a roof that is slanted on the sides, then a hip to gable will allow you to maximise the roof space and size without having to increase investment from a bare minimum. If you have a roof and would like an extension, a dormer conversion would be the cheapest way to extend outwards. This is all dependent on the roof and what you would like.

The most important piece of information that would be worth a lot to know is the amount of space you would like to add within your loft. A mansard offers the most increase in space, while a dormer would give you a relatively decent amount of extension base. A hip to gable wouldn’t give the biggest increase in space, but rather give you a way to maximise the possible space you could use.

Loft conversions give you the best return of investment for services within your home, especially when you consider what you receive for how little you spend. However, the next blog posts we will let you know of another service that is very helpful for your home within the carpentry services.